About Us

About Us

A4Btile logo is a non-profit political organization under IRC 527. Unlike other mountain bike organizations, we are allowed to accept donations in order to affect the political process. We also exist specifically to get mountain bikers organized to act in their own self-interest. Our focus is limited to getting fair and reasonable access to our public trails and to preserve the experience of trail riding for future generations.

Our Board of Directors is made up of dedicated mountain bike activists who have spent years fighting the increasing tide of trail closures and attempts to further criminalize the sport. After years of dedicated effort, we have come to realize that the restriction on mountain bikes are not based on logic or science, but rather on the political strength of our opponents. Therefore we have formed a political organization that is legally allowed to take a direct role in the political process that affects all of us, which other charitable bike clubs cannot legally do.


billstrailIn 1999, The Trails Committee for Marin County Open Space attempted to make mountain biking on singletrack trails a misdemeanor crime. It was, and still is, thanks to the efforts of A4B, an infraction to ride your bike on a closed trail on MCOSD land. Almost every singletrack trail in every land jurisdiction in Marin County had already been closed to bikes. Access4Bikes was formed in response to the continued decrease in the access to trails in Marin County and to address the proposals that would have further criminalized mountain biking on the trails in Marin. The original board of A4B splintered from the Bicycle Trails Council of Marin, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, realizing that the trail closures were political in nature, and thus wanted to form a political group that could directly influence decisions affecting access to our public lands.

Board of Directors

  • Al Baumann – Retired Open Space Commissioner and Liaison to Stafford Lake Bike Park
  • Dave Washer – Graphic Artist
  • Brad Jackson – High School Mentor & Secretarial
  • Robin Huffman – NorCal Liaison, San Domenico all Women’s Mountain Bike Team Director and Coach
  • Heidi Adler – Events Planning and Coordination Director
  • Hunter Sykes
Open Positions and Needs

A4B is seeking leadership at the board level. Areas of expertise needed

  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Political Director
  • Land Manager Liaison

Contact Us

  • Mailing Address
    PO Box 33
    Woodacre, CA  94973