With the growth of mountain biking in the 1980’s, those groups opposed to sharing the trails with bikes successfully closed most of the non-fire road trails in Marin to bicycles.  The current mileage statistics for Marin clearly illustrate this point.

Miles of Trails on Marin Public Lands

  • 379 – Miles of non-fire road trails available for hikers.
  • 263 – Miles of trails accessible to equestrians.
  • 56 – Miles of trails accessible to bicyclists.

Source: Access4Bikes Trail Database

Here are the specific statistics by park or land management.

Trail Accessibility on Marin Public Lands by Management

ManagementMiles of trails available to hikers% of trails open to Cyclists% of trails open to Equestrians
Golden Gate National Recreation Area37.733%47%
Marin Open Space74.815%88%
CA State Parks72.222%51%
Pt. Reyes National Seashore118.212%99%
Marin Municipal Water District60.90%33%
Total (Includes other land managers)373.715%70%
Source: Access4Bikes Trail Database

There are two bits of good news from all of this.

The first is the fact that the GGNRA, the defendant in the Bicycle Trails Council of Marin v. Babbit, now has nearly as many miles of bike legal trails as equestrian legal.  So in spite of ‘winning’ the right to close trails to bikes, the GGNRA has consistently worked to make as many narrow trails as possible open for multiple user groups.  Access4Bikes hopes that the other land managers in Marin take note of the GGNRA and open more of their trails to bikes.

The second is Tamarancho. If we cannot ride on the public lands, we can at least now ride on private land.

Access4Bikes is committed to trying to force policy change with those managers whose accessibility rules discriminate against bicyclists.