Access4Bikes is your political voice for trails in Marin County. Some people estimate that there are more than 40,000 adult mountain bike enthusiasts in Marin County alone!   Access4Bikes needs the entire mountain biking community to become involved and participate in the process of opening new singletrack trails in Marin, rehabilitating existing trails and helping to elect local officials that believe in fair and reasonable access to our public trails for all recreational users groups.  We currently have 2736 members, and we need more.  Please join and help us open trails.

How to Join

Membership is free.  Members of Access4Bikes will be notified about upcoming elections or events that could help us open trails.  So please join and we will let you know when to vote, where to vote, which candidates support mountain biking, and any other event that could help our cause.

So please join and we’ll let you know when and how to help.


Your donations will help fund our efforts to expand access to single track in Marin.