680 Trail

The 680 Trail opened in May of 2012 and although not perfect, it is a great connector. Built by the Marin Open Space trail crew over the course of a year and assisted by 150 volunteers and 690 hours of volunteer … Continue reading

Bahia Trail

Although Bahia Trail is not particularly long, just over a half a mile, it does have the distinction as the only bike legal multi-use trail in Novato.  It is also a great beginner trail as it is flat, very easily … Continue reading

Big Rock Ridge

Big Rock Ridge is another of the newer multi-use trails and was opened in 2003 as part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail.  The trail goes from Lucas Valley Road to the top of Big Rick Ridge, which is the … Continue reading

Coast View Trail

The current Coast View Trail opened in 2005 as a multi-use replacement trail to the fire road that was steep and erosion prone.  The trail is 2.2 miles and is another great example of how multi-use trails can be created … Continue reading

Dias Ridge Trail

Dias Ridge Trail is one of the newer multi-use trails and was completed in 2010 to replace the erosion prone and incomplete fire road that connected Panoramic Highway at the top of the ridge with US 1 down near the … Continue reading

Miwok Trail

Miwok trail starts in Tennessee Valley in the Marin Headlands and heads north to the top of Coyote Ridge, then over to US 1, and then down to Muir Woods Road. The first segment is bike legal trail, the 2nd … Continue reading

Old Springs Trail

Old Springs Trail is in the Marin Headlands, under management by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  This trail was renovated for better multi-use support in 2001 and is perfect proof that bikes and equestrians can happily coexist.  The trail … Continue reading

Olema Valley Trail

The Olema Valley Trail meanders along the Olema Rift Zone, created by the San Andreas Fault. The San Andreas Fault runs through Bolinas Lagoon, the Olema Valley and up through Tomales Bay. In fact, the epicenter of the 1906 Great … Continue reading