A4B is all about getting fair and reasonable access for mountain bikers to the trails on our public lands in Marin. The reasons that access is currently so restricted are political in nature. A4B exists in order to address these political reasons with political solutions, which include taking a direct role in trail access decisions by public land managers, electing officials who are willing to be fair about bike access, mobilizing mountain bikers to become a political force on their own behalf, and building an informed community of advocates for fair access.

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RTMP is Amended and Approved by Commission


The Marin Road and Trail Management Plan was presented to the Marin Open Space Commission and a wonderful thing happened.  It was agreed that the policy that used the term ‘dangerous mountain biking’ should be changed to say ‘dangerous activities’.  Once that change of phrase was agreed upon, the Open Space Commission approved the plan.

Access4Bikes is pleased with the outcome of the meeting as we felt strongly that ‘dangerous mountain biking’ was prejudicial and factually incorrect.  Having a prejudiced policy based on false data is not in the best interests of Marin.  The Commission agreed.

The plan will now go to vote with the Marin Board of Supervisors December 16.

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