The Facts

Most public discourse regarding bike access to the trails of Marin seems to be dominated by anecdotal and emotional opinions with limited facts. A recent study by the state of CA confirms this assessment.  Access4Bikes seeks to remedy this by focusing on facts.

This page is still under construction. Please be patient but in the meantime, here are the issue specific fact pages we have put together thus far.

  • Accessibility – Only 16% of Marin’s ‘narrow’ trails (singletrack and multi-use) are bike legal.
  • Demographics – More than 1 in 5 Americans over 16 Mountain Bike
  • Visitors – 23% of Open Space Visitors are on a bike.
  • Safety – Actual accidents and injury rates are extremely low.
  • Conflict – Information on trail use conflict is primarily based on opinion; little data about actual user conflicts are available.
  • Erosion – No scientific studies show that mountain bikers cause more wear to trails than other users.
  • Trail Design – Proper trail design can mitigate many of the fears related to perceived conflict.
  • Hike and Bike – Bike and Hike only trails are successful in Marin.
  • History – Once mountain bikes started to become more common, narrow trails were closed.
  • Volunteerism – The mountain bike community is one of the more active and productive volunteer groups in Marin and dedicates hundreds of hours every year to work on the trails in Marin.